The Acesco Ethics Line is an anonymous, confidential and secure communication tool, where employees, clients, consumers, suppliers and society in general, can report irregularities or unethical situations that may affect the interests of parties involved.

It is the specialized outsourced contracted operator where situations can be reported that guarantee reliability and transparency, guaranteeing:

The different channels offered by the Ethics Line should be used when you detect situations that arise which go against the guidelines defined in the Ethics Code, the Policies that comprise it or any situation that you consider relevant to communicate.

  • The Ethics Line will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.
  • On weekends and holidays, you may leave messages in a mailbox or use different communication channels than the national toll-free line, such as the website, e-mail and fax.

• Anything that violates our Ethics Code.

• Economic fraud (theft, authorizations to withdraw funds without justification, etc.).

• Accounting records that deviate from company policy.

• Delivery of company information or misuse of it.

• Conflict of Interests.

• Inappropriate use of company assets.

• Use of the company name and / or logo, as well as its trademarks without approval of responsible party.

The company will not take any action against those who, in good faith, report an irregularity.

• Strengthens the Company’s image and reputation.

• Provides feedback to Senior Management over the operation and application of the Ethics Code and Work Internal Regulations.

• Strengthens the anti-fraud culture and ethical behaviors in the Company.

• It generates trust and transparency for the different interest groups.

• Reduces the probability of internal fraud and unethical behavior.

Comnication Channles

Report these different situations through any of the following channels:

Toll-Free Line

Option 1 - Operator
Option 2 – Recorded Message


Option 3