Curved top

Using the Master 1000 or Architectural roofs already formed, successive stamps are carried out at a certain length to obtain the required final curvature. Curvature radii as small as 30cm can be developed, which allows generating facade trims, roof trims, trestles and other trims that are not viable with another type of metal shingle.



Curved elements can be made with Architectural or Master 1000 in any of their thicknesses and two finish, Galvanized or pre-painted. This allows the development of some type of architectural finishes that up to now have not been possible in metallic roofs.


  • Maximum sheet length: 12,000 mm (limit due to formation).
  • Minimum sheet length: 1,500 mm (limit due to formation).
  • Sheet thickness: 0.3 to 0.70 mm



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