Metalroof Grado 40

Metalroof is a metallic element that functions as the structural support of a composite roof system, it is made up of at least three layers. The first layer is the Metalroof, the second is an insulating material, generally Polyurethane, and the third is a waterproofing material..


  • 1m de ancho útil que permite hasta un 10% más de cubrimiento que otros productos en el mercado.
  • 42mm height for better deflection control (higher than other products on the market)
  • Wide range of foil thickness between 0.60mm and 1.2mm for greater design options.
  • Unique Roof Deck designed for the Colombian market.
  • Acabado galvanizado o pintado para cumplir los más exigentes requerimientos de obra.
  • Ideal as a support base for roof assemblies with TPO
  • Manufactured with 40-Grade quality structural steel that provides greater resistance.



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