Metaldeck Perforado

This new version of the Steeldeck METALDECK GRADO 50, has perforations that are made in the valleys of the 2 ”Metaldeck sheet, in any of its thicknesses.


  • The perforations contribute to the evacuation of water from the concrete mix, which makes the water-cement ratio lower during setting, reducing cracks due to contraction by not having excess water.
  • It allows to evacuate water that could seep through the concrete, avoiding that it remains stagnant in the sheet generating oxidation.
  • The tabs provide anchor points to unhook different construction elements.
  • Greater resistance to corrosion.
  • Greater durability over time.
  • Greater structural resistance.
  • Savings in construction times compared to other systems up to 50%.
  • Reduces plate weight by up to 25%.
  • Less waste compared to other systems up to 30%.
  • Does not spread fire.
  • 30% greater structural resistance.
  • Greater savings in the supporting structure.
  • Reduces the use of shoring.
  • 4% less concrete consumption vs other 1m steeldecks.


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