Metaldeck Duo

The Acesco Metaldeck Duo system is a proven, efficient and economic method that provides all steel structural components for mezzanine construction, while incorporating the benefits of an economic, lightweight and rugged design. It is made up of a series of Acesco structural pipe joists, plus a set of Metaldeck slabs.


  • Reduction of its own weight up to 40%.
  • Reduction of the slab cost by up to 16%.
  • Reduction of the structure weight by up to 9%.
  • Reduction of foundation costs of up to 16%.
  • Reduction of the cost of the structure of up to 9%.
  • Less construction times.
  • It adapts to all kinds of structures.
  • No waste or formwork.
  • The packaging material used in each of the products is recyclable and can be sent for reuse through duly authorized agents.


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