Architectural Roof

La Cubierta Arquitectónica evoluciona con METALUM. Es segura, resistente, y fácil de instalar; se recomienda su utilización en obras donde se manejen luces inferiores a 2.3m y que requieran acabados altamente decorativos.

It is manufactured in useful widths of 720mm, lengths from 1.83m to 6.00m, caliber 30 (0.30mm), galvanized finish, and 1010mm in painted and galvanized finish, calibers 28 (0.36mm) to 22 (0.70mm). It can be used as a facade and / or rooftop.


  • Ahora con Metalum y mayor resistencia estructural calidad Grado 80
  • Doble capa protectora que genera mayor resistencia a la corrosión (PROTEC)
  • Decrease in installation times by up to 50%.
  • Does not spread fire
  • Up to 50% higher maintenance cost savings.
  • Highly decorative finishes, both on roofs and on the facade.
  • The constructive system contributes in obtaining LEED certification points.
  • Greater durability over time.
  • Unique in Colombia with Environmental Self-declaration for flat steels.
  • Made with the best materials and state-of-the-art technology.
  • The packaging material used in each of the products is recyclable and can be sent for reuse through duly authorized agents.


Installation Tutorial

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