Pre-painted Steel

The pre-painted steel sheet produced under the ASTM A755 standard, is a versatile product with technical and economic advantages, which combines the properties of galvanized steel with the protection of an additional organic coating, hence its high participation in the development of the industry.

Pre-painted steel is present in all industrial sectors such as furniture, metal, elements for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In the construction sector for the manufacture of roofs and facades.



1- Substrate (Galvanized Steel): Pre-painted steel is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel (substrate) under ASTM A653, to which an organic coating system is applied.

2- Pre-treatment: The substrate is subjected to a chemical treatment which is applied before the first coat. This improves adhesion, inhibits corrosion and increases the durability of paint finishes.


3- Primer: The primer coating ensures adhesion and elasticity between the treated substrate and the paint coat of the final product. It also provides resistance to corrosion.

4- Painting (upper and lower sides): The paint layer provides the required surface characteristics, such as the finish (color, texture, gloss, appearance, etc.), hardness, resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet radiation. Under ASTM A755 standard.



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