The first warranty system for the steel industry in Colombia, with protection of up to 25 years on your Acesco products.

For more than 20 years, at Acesco we have studied the performance of our pre-painted galvanized steels and systems in different environmental conditions and thermic grounds in the country, which allows us to develop products with the highest quality and durability standards. The Acesco guarantee model supports confidence in our processes and is coherent and consistent with the needs for innovation and sustainability demanded by national and international builders, manufacturers, engineers, architects and installers.

Our warranty is…


It applies to all our products.


Fast and easy to process.


Since the very first moment of manufacturing.


With the everlasting support and trust

Types of guarantee

  • All products from the Acesco brand.
  • Technical specifications under applicable manufacturing standards
  • Dimension specifications established according to technical sheets
  • For PROTEC systems and metallic coating:
    – Coating integrity
    – Color stability*
    – Paint Chalking*

* Does not apply for metallic coating.

  • 20% additional warranty for products formed and / or installed by the network of RESPONSIBLE EXPERTS.
  • 10% additional guarantee for maintenance carried out during the Acesco warranty period. This maintenance service must meet the requirements applicable to the product.
  • Warranty certificate


Con el Sistema de Recubrimiento Protec, tu proyecto estará protegido frente a climas extremos.

Quality, support and trust.

Product integrity, color stability and rating are the main characteristics ensured in the Acesco warranty for PROTEC systems

Our Policy

Check out here Acesco´s general warranty policy

Form for warranty studies

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