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Acesco innovates in the construction market with a new alternative, METALUM, the coating that mixes aluminum, zinc and silicon that allows to maintain the resistance and durability of the roofs exposed to different types of extreme climates.

A powerful mix

+Aluminium 55%
+Zinc 43.5%
+Silicon 1.5%

Get to know our portfolio of roofs. Different geometries that will give life to your project.

Architectural Roof

Ideal for roofs and facades. It is versatile and recommended for projects that handle low beams and require highly decorative finishes.

Master 1000

The master solution for roofs and facades. Geometry with reinforced ridges and valleys that provide superior carrying capacity.

Galvanized corrugated steel sheet

It is light, reflective and resistant. It has become the favorite of the Colombian countryside. It is used on roofs of houses, farms, stables, barns, etc.

La Guerrera

“La Guerrera” is a cover that arrived to the Colombian market to stay. Made of galvanized steel and available in blue, green or red, this cover is safe and easy to install.



Roof with great inertia in its cross section. It is recommended for use in large lights and is used in industrial warehouses, large warehouses, arenas, etc.

Teja sin traslapo - Fachadas

It can be used on all types of facades and ceilings, providing excellent finishes. It is manufactured on site, according to the needs of each project.


Standing Seam

Used for roofing small and large areas that require a very high homogeneous finish. It is manufactured directly on the job site.


Curved Standing Seam

Once the non-overlapping shingle is manufactured on site, bending can be carried out to generate a dome-shaped roof with closed curvature radii.


It is a metallic element that functions as the structural support of a composite roof system, it is made up of at least three layers.


Get to know the benefits of our Roofs...

Double protective layer for greater resistance to corrosion.

Highly decorative finishes, both on roofs and on the facade.

Greater durability over time.

With Environmental Self-Declaration.

Made with the best materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Up to 50% reduction in installation times.

The constructive system contributes in obtaining Leed points.

Does not spread fire.

¡Re Evolve!

Our roofs are now covered with METALUM

Technical Material

Las Cubiertas Acesco son la solución para el diseño de techos y fachadas por los que las convierten en una excelente alternativa en el mundo de la construcción.

Nota: Nos encontramos actualización de la información de nuestro manual técnico, en caso de requerir información contactarse con nuestro soporte técnico.