BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a collaborative work methodology between all the actors involved in a construction project, for the creation and comprehensive management of it. It allows to detect errors and opportunities for improvement in a simulated environment, focused mainly on improving productivity and considering the entire life cycle of the construction.

Benefits of working with Acesco's BIM Library


Efficient and sustainable constructions

Determining sustainable impact becomes possible. Our libraries have life cycle analysis; We are the first in Colombia with environmental self-declaration of product and calculation of carbon footprint, which contribute in achieving points for different certifications, such as LEED.


Improved productivity

It contributes to the optimization of costs, supervision of deadlines, maturity of critical stages, error detection and budget estimates, either globally or in each of its stages, before the project begins its work.

Control of the life cycle of the works

We can integrate the different phases of the project, from the planning, design, budgeting stage, to the construction and maintenance stages.


Collaborative work

Different users involved in a project can work through the same platform, sharing in real time and verifying data (construction stages, budgets, costs)

Virtual reality and 3D visualization

The virtual construction of a building in three dimensions improves the overall vision of the project in real time, identifying possible errors before they are committed in physical construction.


Arrow BIM

The family was developed as a generic deck or slab model for better viewing. Located on a generic roof or a generic slab, they can be modified in length and cut excess sheets using graphic elements, allowing better adaptability in the model.


Tuberías Acesco
Arrow BIM

Families were created within the category of structural framework.

Download our Acesco BIM Library


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Cubierta arquitectónica Acesco
Geometría cubierta arquitectónica Acesco

Architectural roof

Acesco Galvanized and Painted Architectural Roof Revit Library + User Manual


Master 1000

Acesco Galvanized and Painted Revit Master 1000 Roof Library + User Manual


Standing Seam

Acesco Painted Non-Overlapping Tile Revit Library + User Manual

Metaldeck Acesco

Steel deck

Revit Library of Metaldeck 2 ”and 3” Grade 50 + User Manual

Tuberías Acesco

Structural Tube

Revit Library of Circular, Square and Rectangular Acesco Structural Pipe + User Manual


C and Z Purlins

Ref. Acesco C Profile and Acesco Z Profile
+ User Manual 

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