Enviromental self-declaration

One of the aspects of greater relevance and with greater incidence for the realization of environmental product self-declarations is the evolution towards a culture of sustainability that Colombia´s construction industry is adopting, evidenced by the increasing number of buildings that are opting a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, as well as being aligned with Acesco's strategic vision.

The Environmental Self-Declarations of the 21 groups of products that are used in the construction industry guarantee our customers the choice of a steel solution that meets the requirements of the certification standards for sustainable buildings and by the CONPES 3919 of March, 2018 (National Sustainable Building Policy), in addition to being the only ones in the flat steel sector in Colombia having this study in terms of local production.

Life cycle analysis

Thanks to this, Acesco provides to all interest groups the environmental self-declaration of its products:

What are the benefits for members of the construction sector to have this Self-Declaration?

4 beneficios claros de utilizar productos acesco

Have detailed information on the most significant environmental impacts throughout the life cycle stages (Extraction - primary manufacture, transportation and manufacturing).

Contribute with credits to obtain certifications for sustainable buildings.

Generate knowledge to end users of the building´s environmental impact during its construction.

Have tools that guarantee improvements of environmental performance in the production processes of the construction materials.